Wiki-wordmark.pngThe Professor Layton Wiki is a Wiki based around the popular Professor Layton series for the Nintendo DS. The year 2011 has been the best year for the wiki so far, growing to over 1,000 pages (starting from less than 100), getting a new theme, and much more!

Our wiki is currently the largest wiki on the web covering the subject, and is the only wiki to cover (almost) all of the hundreds of puzzles from the games.


  • Jan 11: The Wiki is adopted for the 4th time.
  • Jan 12: Thanks to the new Administrators, the wiki gets a brand new theme.
  • Jan 15: The Puzzle Project was started. This is currently still the most important project on the Wiki. The Puzzle namespace was added for this project.
  • May 5: The Wiki reaches 500 pages.
  • June 1: Our first Spotlight goes live.
  • June 26: Professor Layton Royale was announced.
  • June 29: More Administrators join our team. The wiki gets another new theme, based around the Professor's new adventure.
  • October 17: Professor Layton and the Last Specter is released.
  • December 15: The wiki reaches 1,000 pages.