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Glee Wiki community held and organized their very own Glee wiki awards this year. Collectively they decided on the very best of the season. They also made a video for each category.


  • June - Glee announces the winners of their very own Glee Wiki Awards.

Best of the BestEdit

  1. Best Episode: Born This Way
  2. Best Overall Song: Loser Like Me
  3. Best Overall Solo: Songbird
  4. Best Duet: I feel pretty/unpretty
  5. Best Kiss: Klaine Kiss
  6. Best Catfight: Santana, Kurt & Blaine vs. Karofsky
  7. Best Guest Star: Gywenth Paltrow

Glee Wiki Commercials!Edit

The Glee Wiki community also created a series of commercials on Youtube to advertise the wiki:

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Glee Wiki Commercial

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