Glass Of Ice Water
Cartoon Fanatic often jokes about "Liquid Frankie" resembling a glass of water
Vital statistics
Real name: "TheStarman"
Gender: Male
Other names: Liquid Frankie, Frank, Johnson, Liquid, LF, "Starmy," "Starman"
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Date of registration: Unknown
Favorite wikis: Mad Cartoon Network Wiki
TeamOmniverse Wiki
Spongebob Fan Wiki
Teleram Wiki
Team Frankie Wiki

FrankCJohnsonJr is a wiki user.


For some reason, an account on Mad Cartoon Network Wiki was created with the name "FrankCJohnsonJr" claiming he was the real Frankie. (For now on, FrankCJohnsonJr will be referred to as "Liquid Frankie" while the Frankie without the account will be referred to as "Solid Frankie") Solid Frankie saw the account and got mad at him, claiming that Liquid Frankie was either: Bill Nye Fanboy, Mrosem6, TheStarman, or Teleram.

After the downfall of TeamOmniverse Wiki, however, Starman indirectly revealed himself to be the actual user behind 3 sockpuppets: Brad McKinney, BarneySuperDeeDuper, and Liquid Frankie.

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