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About Degrassi Wiki

The Degrassi Wiki (Created October 23, 2006) is a great place to share your opinions on the show, and socialize with other fans as well. There are thousands of fun and dedicated users/fans of Degrassi on this wiki. We have many top editors and admins helping around the Wiki everyday. You should come check us out, you'll have a blast!



- There are currently 816,829 edits to 1,187 pages.

- 3,572,787 Registered Users

- 10 Administrators

- 6 Chat Moderators


The Highlights

- The Degrassi Wiki has had 2 awards ceremonies.

-The Degrassi Wiki has a test wiki to test new features.

-Degrassi Wiki has it own chat here.

-There is currently a crackdown on trolls and sockpuppets.

-Winter formals; This is where users got together and threw a chat party.

- Degrassi Wiki Survivor! Here we voted out users in the fashion of the show Survivor. The last user standing was know as the Degrassi Wiki survivor.

- Surveys; These have been a great way to make connections with other people. Shout out to Haley♪ for making most of these!

- Polls on wiki for certain decisions such as adding new emoticons. Credit goes to Caoil for making them.

-New templates being made.

-A category clean up in order to make the wiki more organized.

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